Experience & Creativity
Our agents pride themselves on being full-time, experienced, creative and caring. You can expect our agents to be certified, easy going and understanding of your unique needs. A Certified Negotiations Expert. A Certified Residential Specialist (CRS) Can provide references Can provide example of their creativity Excel’s at overcoming Challenges. Seeks out education beyond that required to maintain their license Still has a life outside of their career; a happy agent. Can meet at odd hours (6 a.m.) but does not use 24/7 remarks to earn respect.

Buying your home DVD
Education is crucial and we give you a concise step-by-step guide you can watch in less than 15 minutes in the comfort of your own home. This guide brings you up to speed on the entire home buying process.

Customized Loan Programs
we know who has the best rates and loan programs for your specific situation; whether you want to buy a fixer-upper with very little down or a turn-key home with a large down payment.

Home Warranty Gurantee
We understand the importance of having the protection of a Home Warranty. When you purchase a home through us, if we are unable to negotiate a contract where the seller pays for a reputable Home Warranty, then we will buy the warranty for you (up to $320)

Extended Title Insurance Policy
When you purchase your new home, the seller will buy a policy to ensure you own the property hassle free. This title policy minimally insures against any title-search errors or mistakes as well as against any loss due to disputes over property ownership. The extended policy insures against mechanics liens and more. If we are unable to negotiate the extra cost of an extended policy with the seller, we will pay for it.

Home Hunter Alerts
After you join our free service that gives you a backstage pass to the MLS. We can send you new listings and price reductions at your convenience; hourly if you like. You will be able to find, organize, watch, and follow the properties you like. Plus I can send you updates, new listings and more.

Distressed Sellers Program
Get access to motivated sellers who are looking to sell their homes because they are in foreclosure, an absentee owner, have had their home on the market too long. These homes represent great bargains and we get you access to them.

Strategic Negotiation Experience
We use our extensive experience and creativity to get you the best price, terms and conditions on your home purchase. In most cases, we can even negotiate to pay some of your closing costs when you buy your home whether its your first or you’re moving up.

Free Gas Card
After you get fully approved with one of Destiny Real Estate’s trusted lenders and commit to Destiny Real Estate to help you buy your home we’ll give you a $100 gas card.