Have you ever seen a house go up for sale in your neighborhood and jumped out of the car to grab a flier? You aren’t looking to buy that house. You just want to know if your own home has increased in value. Even if you collected fliers from every house on the market in your neighborhood, you still don’t know what houses are actually selling for. Well now you can.

Free websites like Zillow and Trulia might seem like great ways to track home values in your neighborhood. Here’s the problem. Real Estate marketing websites like Zillow and Trulia are actually lead farms — their primary focus is to sell your information to eager real estate agents. They aren’t in the business of providing accurate home values and therefore don’t publish accurate information. They can’t give you the true value of your home because many state laws, like Utah, don’t allow for public disclosure of sales prices.

Destiny Real Estate has a solution for you. EquiTrak is our Free Value Tracking Tool. We use the same data that appraisers use so you can be confident in the accuracy of your own property’s value. Our Value Tracking tool is Simple. Our EquiTrak ALERT Service will keep you in the know.

Here’s how it works. You’ll receive an occasional notification that a property in your immediate neighborhood has sold. You might get one alert this week and one next week, but you might not see another message for a month; rest assured If a property near you has sold, you’ll know about it.

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It’s simple & fast to set up your personal real estate alert service, just complete the short form below. When a property very close to your house sales, you’ll get either an email or letter with all the juicy details.

Easy, simple and free. And we PROMISE — NEVER to sell your information or pester you. We look forward to being your source for accurate real estate information.  Call us today 801-262-9985