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Jan 27, 2015 — Darrell Catmull helped me sell my home last year, and he was a real lifesaver! I was in Florida; my home in Utah. My renters had pretty much trashed the place, and Darrell handled everything! Darrell was able to get me out from under my home, which ended up being a short sale, though not as short as I had feared. I found Darrell’s service and attentiveness to be absolutely supreme! He really made the situation a lot easier for me. I highly recommend Darrell and his real estate agency to anyone, even those in really tricky situations!   -Kristin B.

Jul 18, 2014d — My experience in calling on Darrell of Destiny Real Estate and broker his knowledge, HONESTY and willing to help every time I call him for help in the last 2 years he is been helping me along the way with all the problems I have had with the mortgage with all difficulties I was encountering he was always with the right answer, tips find the right lawyer, and contacts all along the way, I need it to be able to fix it. As right now the home problem has been fix, and a soon the time is right Darrell will be selling my home, I trust him 100% in every way, and that is the most refreshing, and to be able to trust as an older female, I have the last 13 years a lot of fake people and took advantage, right now you could call on Darrell anytime you need to buy or sell a home or for modification, he knows all. I could without a doubt call on Darrell anytime. He will always do above an beyond to do the JOB and very well !!!!! is AMAZING. LO MAS HERMOSO HOY DIA ES ENCONTRAR UNA PERSONA QUE IS HONORBLE, EN LO QUE HACE

Jul 9, 2014 — Darrell helped us buy our first house (a short sell) and for tens of thousands less than we were willing to pay (based on his advice and guidance). He knew exactly how much to offer and counteroffer. Darrell’s knowledge and expertise allowed us to go from making an offer to having the short sale approved by the bank in less than a month. The entire experience was great.

Jun 9, 2014 — Darrell Catmull recently successfully completed yet another realestate transaction for me. Darrell is exemplary amongst realtors and absolutely committed to serving his clients well beyond the standard of service for realtors and that is why I was compelled to write this review, as an acknowledgement of Darrell’s excellence in service. I have worked with Darrell on a number of residential real estate deals over a 20 year period. Each time, he has totally vested himself to yielding a successful outcome. Darrell is one of the most tenacious and resourceful individuals in any profession I have worked with. He has broad connectivity as a result of his years in the industry and creatively uses his experience to yield the maximum value to his clients. I enthusiastically recommend Darrell Catmull.

May 1, 2014 — I recently had the pleasure of working with Darrell Catmull regarding the sale of my home. Darrell worked tirelessly to negotiate the best possible outcome for all parties included in the sale process. I was extremely impressed with Darrell’s knowledge and expertise and would highly recommend his services if and when you decide to purchase or sell a home. Darrell will work solely in your best interests and will always keep you in the loop of any goings on. Darrell, thank you for the 5 star service.

Jan 2, 2014 — Darrell Catmull with Destiny Real Estate is THE best thing that can happen to you whether buying or selling a house. Darrell, a real estate agent of utmost professionalism and believe it or not, with your benefit on his mind, will always do the best to serve you and your interests. Besides professionalism, Darrel has a tremendous amount of fore-sight, always anticipating the next steps, the next forms ready for you, the next move in mind. He makes the daunting and gut-wrenching process of selling your home a breeze. We remain amazed of this real estate agent’s ethics, knowledge, and humane ways of selling/buying your home. I would give him six stars, if that was an option.

Jun 14, 2013 — Darrell was truly professional and amazing to work with! I highly recommend using Darrell. Selling our property was complicated and we had to cut through a ton of red tape. Darrell was in control of the situation the entire time and got the deal closed. It was a great experience to work with Darrell!

Nov 12, 2010 — I highly, highly recommend Darrell Catmull of Destiny Real Estate – full stop, no reservations! He helped me successfully sell my property under very difficult circumstances — not just the difficult market we are in, but through a contentious eviction process and other unpleasant details I won’t go into. Suffice it to say, Darrell was extremely supportive and it was through his positive attitude and pragmatic, determined approach that I believe the property was sold. I have worked with 4 realtors in different situations and met with several about this property and, while they were all professionals that I liked, Darrell is in a class by himself. He went above and beyond what one could ever expect from a realtor or anyone other than family (really!). He was a dogged, yet creative, advocate on my behalf during the difficult details of the sale of my home and I feel very lucky to have had him at my side. He definitely has my business if I need to buy or sell a home or other real property again!

Oct 19, 2010 — I limit my practice to representation of clients who need to file for protection under federal bankruptcy code provisions. If I determine that any of my clients need help selling property before, during or after their bankruptcy case is filed, I want them to work with Darrell. I have worked with many well-meaning realtors, but Darrell’s skills and knowledge of state property law regarding priority or validity of liens is so far advanced that there is no comparison to any other realtor I’ve worked with professionally. I can communicate with Darrell like I am talking to another attorney: Darrell understands, actually really understands, real estate law. But the value he adds to my practice and the extra service he provides to my clients results from the effort he has taken to educate himself about the inter-play between property transfers under Utah state law and federal bankruptcy law. I met with a potential client on a fixed income who’s only recourse appeared to be bankrutpcy filing due to a series of complicated judgment liens placed on her property by creditors of her ex-husband. I strongly urged her to get Darrell’s opinion about the status of those liens and her interest in the property as a joint tenant and happily, after hiring Darrell, she never had to hire me, and that’s always a better outcome than bankruptcy. I recommend his services without reservation.

Aug 23, 2010 – Darrell Catmull –– the principal broker at Destiny Real Estate –– is a wizard. He is very creative and inventive at finding solutions to difficult problems and he has deep understanding of his industry. He understands how mortgage lenders think which informs Darrell’s expertise at a very high level. In these uncertain times when change is occurring at the pace of a high-speed train, Darrell’s insight is invaluable. Whatever your real estate transaction –– whether you are buying, selling, investing, refinancing or need to short-sell –– I highly recommend Darrell Catmull.