Dynamic Economy

A reporter asked Governor Gary R. Herbert about the buzz that is surrounding Utah in the world market place.  Governor Herbert has emphasized that there are three major areas on which his administration is focused.  They are Economic Development, Education and Energy.

With that direction Utah’s economy has moved forward with its effort to foster a broad based business community that is innovative and dynamic.  Governor Herbert recognized that with the proper tools, people and leadership the State was prepared to work in the upper ranks of the “Best Places for Business.”

Is it the quality of life? The great vistas, the four seasons that affords world renowned recreation and outdoor activities.  Is it the productive workforce?  Utah workers have long been considered one of the most productive and well educated populations in the country making Utah a great place to relocate to.  Boasting the youngest workforce in America at 28 years old and a half-million children in K-12 the State has several decades of power house success ahead of it.

Certainly they are a part of the success story.  Also a major part is the sound management of the State. Utah was recognized by The Pew Center on the States as the “Best Managed State in the Nation.” A fiscally conservative legislature has worked hard with the Governor over the years to establish a well managed and progressive governmental platform that provides stability and predictability in spending, tax policy and a business friendly climate.  If there is anything business leaders around the world crave it is a safe, stable and predictable place to conduct business.  Utah is a smart choice.

Quality of Life

Utah is an excellent place to visit and an extraordinary place to live. The state captivates visitors and residents alike with its spectacular natural beauty, cultural offerings and year-round recreational opportunities. In some seasons in Utah, it is possible to ski, golf, snowmobile and water-ski on the same day. In addition to its extraordinary scenery, recreation and culture, Utah is safe, clean and affordable, creating exceptional quality of life for the state’s residents.

The dry, powdery snow found at Utah’s 13 alpine ski resorts is widely considered to be “the greatest snow on earth.”

  1. Utah’s cost of living is well below national levels, according to most indicators.
  2. Utah’s real estate is stable whether you are buying a home, selling a home or want to invest in real estate.
  3. Residents of the state have access to excellent health and medical treatment facilities.
  4. Utah offers a wealth of world-class outdoor recreation opportunities.
  5. Utah welcomed more than 18.2 million visitors in 2005.
  6. Southern Utah has the nation’s greatest concentration of national parks:
    • Arches
    • Bryce Canyon
    • Canyonlands
    • Capital Reef
    • Zion.
    1. Utah arts enthusiasts enjoy a unique mix of exceptional performing arts experiences.
    2. Utah sports fans support a variety of professional teams, including:
    • The Jazz™ (basketball)
    • Real™ Salt Lake (soccer)
    • The Grizzlies™ (ice hockey)
    • The Blaze™ (Arena Football)
    • The Bees™ (baseball)

The best decision is an informed decision, and the source for information on Utah’s labor market is the Utah Department of Workforce Services (DWS). DWS, in partnership with the U.S. Department of Labor’s Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), collects and analyzes a wide array of labor market information to describe the dynamics of Utah’s labor market. If considering Utah for your relocation or expansion plans, localized economic information such as occupational wages, industry and occupational outlook, unemployment rates, population statistics, and job growth rates can aide in making the right decision for your company.