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Darrell Catmull Earns NAR Short Sales and Foreclosure Certification


Darrell Catmull Earns NAR Short Sales and Foreclosure Certification



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Darrell Catmull Earns NAR Short Sales and Foreclosure Certification

Buyers and Sellers Benefit from REALTOR® Expertise in Distressed Sales


Salt Lake City, Utah, 12/29/2009 — Darrell Catmull with Destiny Real Estate, a Certified Residential Specialist, has earned the nationally recognized Short Sales and Foreclosure Resource certification. The National Association of REALTORS® offers the SFR certification to REALTORS® who have studied and thoroughly understand the structure of this complicated type of real estate, and embrace helping both buyers and sellers unravel pitfalls and avoid risky decisions, particularly as demand for professional expertise with distressed sales grows.


According to a recent NAR survey, nearly one-third of all existing homes sold recently were either short sales or foreclosures.  While a short-sale can represent a good deal, most are risky, complicated, uncertain, and prolonged.  A REALTOR® who has earned the SFR certification knows how to help sellers maneuver the complexities of short sales, as well as how to help buyers pursue short sale and foreclosure opportunities.  Darrell Catmull has closed an impressive 35 of 38 short-sale transactions.  According to Darrell Catmull, “A Short Sale transaction has become complicated because banks are overwhelmed, understaffed, and until recently would not invest an adequate amount of money to process Short Sale requests.  This has resulted in the snafu that will last for a few more years, at least.  It thus behooves sellers to be picky about whom they engage for assistance to avoid foreclosure.”


“Foreclosures and short sales,” Darrell adds, “can offer opportunities for home buyers, but it’s extremely important to have the help of an experienced real estate professional, a REALTOR who has earned the SFR certification, and one who has a track record of closing short sales.”


“As leading advocates for homeownership, REALTORS® believe that any family that loses its home to foreclosure is one family too many, but unfortunately, there are situations in which people just cannot afford to keep their homes, and a foreclosure or a short sale results,” said 2009 NAR President Charles McMillan.


The certification program includes training on how to qualify sellers for short sales, negotiate with lenders, protect buyers, limit risk, and provides resources to help REALTORS® stay current on national and state-specific information as the market for these distressed properties evolve. To earn the SFR certification, REALTORSÒ are required to take one core course and three Webinars.  For more information about the SFR certification, visit or call 1-877-510-7855.


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