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New Rules of Buying


New Rules of Buying

Modern rules that help you buy real estate well

So you’re in the market, good for you. The American Dream isn’t owning a home its just one wonderful aspect of it – if you do it well. Throughout the long history of my full-time experience I’ve learned from others mistakes and you can profit from that knowledge.

Unlike other articles, this article, in fact all of my articles will avoid general principles and processes that aren’t realistic. This series of articles will primarily focus on real life examples that will help you conquer your ignorance, fear and confusion.

If you’re reading this and can’t find the exact article that addresses your immediate need, feel free to call me anytime with no obligation to discuss your particular needs and brainstorm.

In the upcoming articles, we’re going to explore topics like:

  • Interviewing an agent
  • Grants
  • Seller paid closing costs
  • Getting turned down for mortgage financing
  • Negotiating excellent terms for your mortgage
  • Overpaying for the property you buy
  • Being pressured or taken advantage of by a real estate agent or loan officer.
  • Buying a home with features that make it unlikely you’ll be able to resell it or gain.
  • Buying a house with too many problems
  • Buying a house that doesn’t meet your expectations

The internet has changed the landscape of how you find your home. You can anomonously shop for a mortgage and a home online and you’ll undoubtedly run up against many choices and condradictions. Whether your’re versed in going at it alone, prefer the help of a professional or like a little of both, the internet is chalked full of myths, misinformation and bad advice. Often you’ll see a property for sale that is peferct. It’s so perfect that you call the agent only to learn that he doesn’t actually know much about that property or find out that it’s sold. You see the internet is dominated by Wall Street owned sites like Zillow that have old information and have listings that aren’t real. This is because sites like Trulia are designed to capture you and sell you as a lead to paying real estate agents.

As you read this article and other well written articles you’ll discover that, regardless of your present situation or the plethora of misinformation out there, the power of knowledge, motivation, and goals can move you into a great home.

Darrell Catmull is a veteran Real Estate Agent, Principal Broker and Instructor.  Two of Darrell’s strongest traits are his confidence and 23 years of full-time experience. He does his business openly, honestly and without guile. Darrell has been awarded the prestigious Certified Residential Specialist (CRS) Designation by the Council of Residential Specialists. His primary objective is to help clients invest, buy and sell real estate in Salt Lake City, Utah. Darrell excels at helping people with Foreclosure prevention, Market Forecasting, Residential Homes, New Construction, Luxury Homes, Office Leasing, Multi-family Investment, Residential Investment, and Short-Sale Education and transactions.

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