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That is my Builder


That is my Builder

Builders have representatives that represent the builder.  These representatives are licensed real estate agents.  Often the builder representative has limited construction knowledge. These representatives can be very helpful but their main role is to adhere to the builder rules to make the builders process easier for them and more profitable. Builders often fail to keep up with technology. What if you want windows that blocks the busy road near by. What if you want a water heater that provides instantaneous hot water versus waiting over a minute for hot water to arrive at the shower upstairs. These features have to be requested and approved, we at Destiny Real Estate present custom requests in such a way the builder is more likely to grant it than not.
If you’re thinking of building a home with a custom home builder or track home builder it would be in your best interest to discover what’s possible in the arena of design, layout and energy efficiency.  I would enjoy meeting with you to discuss what’s possible for you.

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